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Shipping and Tracking

Tracking Your Order

A tracking number is assigned to packages destined for countries that have automated tracking information online. To track your order, just log in to your River account, go to the My Account home page, and look for your order under the heading Active Orders. Click the order's Current Status link to view the associated status and tracking information.

Please note that it can take up to five days to receive your tracking number. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipping Prices

As you shop at River Professional Group and add items to your cart, we keep track of your order so that we can give you the best shipping rates possible. Once you have started the checkout process, we will calculate world-wide shipping to your door based on the following information.

These shipping prices are in effect as of February 18, 2010.

Subtotal Amount Shipping Charges
$0 - $99.99 $24.99
$100.00 - $139.99 $19.99
$140.00 - $159.99 $9.99
$160.00 and Over Free

Estimated Shipping Times

We monitor shipping times and try to give the best real-world estimates. Please understand that these are guidelines and delivery times may be affected by factors beyond our control, such as international border delays, regional events, seasonal mail volume fluctuations and holidays.

Please note we ship by Express Mail Service. This means that we cannot easily ship to a post office box. If you are in an area with only P.O. Box mail access, please contact us before placing your first order so we can make arrangements with our shipping department to best serve you.

Our estimated shipping times are about  4 - 5 weeks and may be extended due to Covid crisis to all countries except where noted below.

Special Shipping and Tracking Notices

Country Shipping Availability
Please do NOT use Americas use United States
Do NOT USE Northern America, Please use United States
Afghanistan No Shipping to Afghanistan at this time
Austria Shipping to Austria is NOT available
Bosnia and Herzegovina We cannot ship to Bosnia and Harzegovina at this time.
Belgium Shipping to Belgium is NOT available
Canada Shipping to CANADA is NOT available at this time.
Switzerland Shipping to Switzerland is NOT available
Chile Shipping to Chile is NOT AVAILABLE at this time
Colombia Shipping to Columbia is NOT AVAILABLE at this time
Costa Rica Shipping to Costa Rica is NOT AVAILABLE
Cuba We are NOT shipping to Cuba at this time
Cyprus Shipping To Cyprus is NOT available at this time
Czech Republic Shipping to Czech Republic is NOT available
Germany Shipping to Germany is NOT available
Denmark Shipping to Denmark is NOT available
Ecuador Shipping to Ecuador is NOT AVAILABLE at this time
Estonia Shipping to Estonia is NOT available
Spain Shipping to Spain is NOT available at this time
Finland Shipping to Finland is NOT available
France Shipping to France is NOT available at this time.
Gibraltar Shipping to Gilbraltar is NOT available
Greece Shipping to Greece is NOT available.
Hong Kong Shipping to HONG KONG is NOT AVAILABLE at this time
Croatia Shipping to Crotia is NOT AVAILABLE at this time
Hungary Shipping to Hungary is NOT available at this time.
Ireland Shipping to IRELAND is NOT available
Israel Shipping to Israel is NOT available at this time
India Shipping to India is NOT available
Iran Islamic Republic of Shipping to Iran is NOT available
Iceland Shipping to Iceland NOT AVAILABLE at this time
Italy Shipping to Italy is NOT available
Korea Democratic People's Republic of Shipping to North Korea is NOT available at this time.
Korea Republic of Shipping to South Korea is NOT available at this time.
Lithuania Shipping to Lithuania is NOT available
Luxembourg Shipping to Luxembourg is NOT available
Macedonia Shipping to Republic of Macedonia is NOT available
Macao Shipping to Macau, SAR China is NOT available
Malta Shipping to MALTA is NOT Available at this time
Malawi Shipping to Malawi is NOT available
Mexico Shipping to Mexico is NOT available
Namibia Shipping to Nambia is NOT available
Niger Shipping to Niger NOT AVAILABLE at this time
Nigeria Shipping to Nigeria is NOT available
Nicaragua Shipping to Nicaragua is NOT available
Netherlands Shipping to Netherlands is NOT available
Norway Shipping to Norway is NOT available
New Zealand As of 2019 shipping not available to New Zealand
Peru Shipping to Peru is NOT available at this time
Pakistan Shipping to PAKISTAN is NOT available
Poland Shipping to Poland is NOT available
Portugal Shipping to PORTUGAL is NOT available
Saudi Arabia Shipping to Saudi Arabia is NOT available at this time.
Sweden Shipping to Sweden is NOT available
Slovakia Shipping to Slovakia is NOT available
Thailand Shipping to Thailand is NOT available
Tunisia Shipping to Tunisia is NOT available at this time
Trinidad and Tobago Shipping To Trinidad and Tobago is NOT available
Vietnam Shipping to Vietnam is NOT AVAILABLE at this time
South Africa Shipping to South Africa is NOT available