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Medication cannot be returned for refunds or exchanges.

Order Not Received

Please contact us immediately if you have not received your medication after 45 days of placing your order. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to help you.

Unclaimed Product

We will not reship or refund any orders that are not claimed from the post office. If, for example, you are on holidays and the package is not picked up, the post office may return it to us as undelivered. In this case, we have taken every reasonable action to deliver the order to you, and a refund is not applicable.  We will not re-ship or refund if you have given us an incorrect shipping address. We will not refund any orders that have been shipped because we have no way of cancelling the order at this point.

Returned Product

We have a reasonable assumption that our customers either have a prescription or have consulted a health care professional before ordering medications. Medications cannot be returned. Our staff is not allowed to give medical advice. Always consult a professional before ordering prescription medication.