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River Professional Group - Your Neighborhood Drugstore Online

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Some Features of our Website

Mini Shopping Cart

The shopping cart in the right sidebar is visible on every page.

  • More detailed information is displayed, including how much you need to add to the cart to reduce your shipping cost.
  • Remove items from the cart without having to visit the View/Edit Cart page. ( button)
  • There is an Undo function available after adding or removing cart items.

One-click Information

  • Drug Information page: display the trade name(s) of each drug.
    ( button)
  • View/Edit Cart page: display the name of each drug's manufacturer. ( button)

Browsing History

Once you start browsing or performing searches, a section called Your Recent Browsing History near the bottom of the page will show your recent searches.

  • Recent Medications: These are the pages that display drug purchase options (e.g., strength, quantity, price) and where you can add items to your cart. To view one of the pages again, just click its link.
  • Recent Searches: These are the search terms you've entered into one of the search boxes. To perform the search again, just click its link.


The site was designed to help those with disabilities access the information more easily. Users may enlarge the text significantly without the site becoming unreadable or unusable.


The Print Page link in the right sidebar will print a copy of the page in plain black text (except for our logo). This will make your printed copies legible and will save on colored printer ink. The site navigation will not appear on printed copies so, again, you save ink.

And There's More!

Once you have an account with River Professional Group, you'll have access to an exciting new range of features including the ability to modify your addresses and password and a more enhanced version of the browsing history.