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How to Order

How to Order

  1. Add items to your cart
  2. Go to Checkout page and enter Shipping and Billing and Cell Number.
  3. Confirm Addresses
  4. Decide on a Payment Option
    • Electronic Cheque
    • Genie Debit Card
    • International customers (Outside of the US)
  5. You will receive a verification text asking permission to take monies from either your bank account (electronic cheque) or from The Genie Debit Card. Respond “YES”

1st Time Customers

  • Electronic cheque
    You will be sent a verification text/e-mail to enter a routing and account number and also asked to upload a copy of a void cheque. Note that all of your confidential information is stored securely and will never be given out to anyone! All subsequent orders only require your cell number and a reply of “YES” to a verification text.

  • Platinum Genie Debit Card
    You will be given a link to sign up and order your genie debit card. Everyone gets a genie card. Once it arrives, you can load money onto it from thousands of locations near you. Go back to your order on the website and on the payment page just click Genie Debit Card. A text will be sent to you to verify payment – say “YES” to confirm.

  • International Customers
    If you live outside of the US, we have some excellent payment options. International customers are able to purchase products using their online banking resources in their country’s currency.  
  • E-mail us at: customersupport@riverprofessionalgroup.com 
    Or call us at: 1-888-848-1945 for assistance.