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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the drugs manufactured that are ordered through River Professional Group?

Short Answer

From large U.S. FDA-inspected and/or government-inspected plants.

Long Answer

There are millions of dollars being spent to discourage patients into ordering the more expensive medications sold in North America pharmacies. The fact is most medication used in North America is manufactured outside North America.

River Professional Group would like to list for your comfort the manufacturers we use and we will also supply a link to the manufacturers site so you can see for yourself that you will receive only the finest pharmaceuticals.

Sun Pharma: www.sunpharma.com
Medications include:
Cipla: www.cipla.co
Johnson and Johnson: http://www.jnjindia.com
Novartis http://www.novartis.co.in
Macleods Pharma: http://www.macleodspharma.com
Intas Pharma: http://www.intaspharma.com
Janssen-Cilag: www.janssen-cilag.com

Additional Information