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Frequently Asked Questions

What is azelastine?

Short Answer

Azelastine is an antihistamine type eye drop or nasal spray

Long Answer

Azelastine is a modern H1-blocker anti-histamine (Histamine H1 Antagonist, Second Generation) that is available in both a nasal spray; Astelin and Astepro (0.15% solutions), and in eye drop form; Optivar (0.1% solution). When used as a nasal spray it helps ease the symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal passageways), such as nasal itching, runny nose, sneezing etc., and as an eye drop, Azelastine is effective against itchy and watery eyes.

Azelastine can be used as both preventative (before allergic pollution begins) and symptomatic (when allergic symptoms occur), and it also acts faster than other anti-histamines. After using the nasal spray you should start to feel relief from symptoms after 10-12 minutes. Relief after using the eye drop will start after 3 minutes and will stay active for up to 12 hours.  


Unless otherwise directed by a physician the recommended dosage is: one application in each

  • Nostril twice daily (morning and evening)
  • Eye drops: one drop in each eye twice daily (morning and evening)


Side effects:

Although side effects are slight in comparison to oral anti-histamines and nasal corticoids there have been reports of:

  • Tiredness: 1 out of every 9 persons
  • Weight gain: 1 out of every 50 persons
  • Muscle pain: 1 out of every 75 persons
  • As well as headache, nasal irritation, sore throat, dry mouth, and sneezing.


Nasal spray brand names: Astelin, Astepro

Eye drop brand names: Optivar